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    Board Information

    Vacant Positions

    Vice President

    The Hollandia Board of Directors is currently seeking to fill the position of Vice President. The Vice President will perform the duties of the President in their absence, resignation, or inability to perform such duties until the President is able to resume normal duties or a new President is appointed, or elected. The Vice President may also be requested to assist the President in carrying out the administrative affairs of the Club, and representing the Club on various boards and committees and is a signing officer of the Club. The Vice President will be expected to chair a committee, and may be a member of other committees to provide input and gain knowledge of the workings of the organization.

    Interested persons should contact

    Who's Who?

    Position Board Member
    President Bart Voswinkel
    Vice President Vacant
    Past President Laurier Langlois
    Secretary Alicia Osses
    Treasurer Janet Hoda
    Director of Coach & Player Development Percy Hoff
    Director Brad Nimegeers
    Director Graeme Carey
    Director Tasha Piper
    Director Lindsay Perrin
    Director Mark Lord
    Director Staci Lukan
    Director Trevor Percy


    Hollandia has several operational committees that provide oversight and operational assistance in key areas of our club. Anyone is able to join a committee. Committees are chaired by members of the Board of Directors. Some committees may also have sub-committees that focus on specific items.

    If you are interested in joining a committee, or would like more information, please email

    Meeting Minutes

    Board meeting minutes may be requested by any member in good standing. Please contact us at


    The next Annual General Meeting will be held in December 2020.

    Previous documents can be accessed in the Archives.

    Purpose: Enhancing our community by inspiring people to enrich their lives through soccer
    Mission: To inspire players, parents, and coaches to be passionate about soccer and to reach their full potential through player-centric programs
    Vision: Hollandia will be the club of choice, building community and a membership which commits to behavior consistent with our values


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